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About Famar

Since 1973, FAMAR has provided manufacturers with innovative solutions for high-volume machining of complex parts. Famar strives to do more and become the supplier of choice for manufacturers looking for complete production lines, delivering systems for machining parts such as gearboxes, engine blocks, and cylinder heads.

The Famar factory stands proudly at the foot of Mount Pirchiriano, in the shadow of the awe-inspiring Sacra di San Michele in northern Italy. The facility houses the company’s sales and administrative offices, its technical department and R&D team, as well as programming, assembly, testing, and dispatch operations. The factory is a modern, hi-tech facility for the production of state-of-the-art machine tools that the global market demands today.

FAMAR PRONTO 6 - In Stock and Ready to Ship

We currently have a well-equipped Famar Pronto 6 inverted spindle turning center in stock and ready for immediate delivery at a special price. The multitasking machine is features a 6” chuck, pallet loading and unloading conveyor, 12-position live tool turret, "X" axis linear scales and standard chip conveyor.

Famar Pronto 6 inverted spindle CNC lathe


Famar Ergo 215 CNC lathe


Famar Tandum 260 CNC lathe


Famar Pronto 5 CNC Lathe


Famar CNC Lathe


Famar Maxer 400 CNC Lathe


Famar Ergo CNC lathe

Experienced Distribution Local To You

Select Production Technologies represents globally recognized brands of CNC machine tools designed and engineered for high-volume production of complex parts. We support and distribute this technology through experienced industry-leading distribution companies which include; Robert E. Morris Company, Morris Great Lakes, Morris Midwest, Morris South, and Technical Equipment Sales. By combining high-performance technology with the industry's most knowledgeable distribution channel, we deliver the optimal solution for your high-volume production challenges. 

FAMAR Group Corporate Video

Seeing is believing and while for many it's impractical to visit FAMAR's factory and headquarters in Northern Italy, this corporate video is the next best way to see the modern facility where innovative machining solutions are designed, engineered and built